How it works

How It Works
If you’ve made it this far, then it looks like you want to take your branding a step further, and want to dive into the exciting and wonderful world of Branded Minifigures. Well, we are here to streamline the process – making it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on these unique mini wonders. 

Get in Touch with Our Team
First thing’s first – we want to hear from YOU. Use the contact details provided on this page to get in touch with our team about your dream project. We’ll need a few details from you – such as what you’re looking for (bear in mind higher-specification digital assets will print better on your branded products – like other corporate merchandise you may have purchased in the past!), the quantity you’re looking to purchase (as with anything – the more units you buy, the cheaper we can make your new business recruits!) and what the event is that you want the minifigures for.

This will be enough information for us to get going – but we will need to know how soon you need the products. Do consider where you are geographically as well – as if you are looking to order internationally, then our product may take a little longer to get to you

Head only

Realising your product

Once we’ve received your contact details, we will pass them on to one of the digital branding wizards within our design team, and we will ask them to brainstorm different designs which they think will suit your product best. If you are running an event, for example, then it may be products with an event-specific hashtag on them to encourage social engagement. Equally, if it’s a more general freebie, then we may choose to use your logo instead. Once our designers have got some ideas, they will begin to send you examples of what we can create. From here, we will work collaboratively with you to create a final product which we can then mass produce for you.

During this process, our designers may ask you for access to things like branded fonts, or company logos in print-ready files. This is to ensure brand continuity with your products – and these files will only ever be used for your order! 

From Digital to Practical

If you’re happy with the designs we’ve run by you and have signed off on them, then we will go straight into production – ensuring that each product is painstakingly created in accordance with the parameters you have set. Upon completion, we will run quality control checks to ensure that the products you have purchased are up to the high-standards which we set ourselves. We pride ourselves on getting our products where they are needed, exactly when they are needed, so during this process we will ensure that your brand-new minifigures arrive exactly when they need them.

And that's it!

It really is as simple as that. Once you get your new products in hand, we’d love to see photos of them at your events or on display in your offices, which you can share with us on Social Media! We also love reviews and feedback – so make sure to let us know what you think of your shiny new products.

Still got a question we haven’t answered? Click here for our FAQ section!